In the age of technology we live in a globalized world but not for all purposes ... It is easy to buy decorative items, mass produced houseware, jewelry,  clothing and fashion accessories, that distance us ever more from our roots, but there are still many authentically elaborated handmade objects that connect us with emotions and energy captured in each piece, away from industrial overproduction.


 In www.etnikarte.com and www.ohanamoda.com we value everything what is handcrafted, showing not only the object, but also the persons who created it and detailing the materials from which it is made, the techniques they have used, the geographical area in which the artisans who have created original items that can be purchased at our online store live and work. Most have ethnic influences, and in some cases a contemporary touch.


 We do not want to specialize in any particular part of the world ... Wonderful crafts are produced all over the world, and we offer them to you, on a journey that knows no cultural, religious or social boundaries. That is why we have selected artists, artisans and ethnicities from the five continents ... in order to share with you the beauty of the unexplored, the most curious or unknown materials or the most up-to-date fashion accessories, like bags made with antique fabrics from India, or the Wayuu backpacks, with their original ethnic look embellish the chic bohemian look that many international artists have made fashionable.


 Many of "our" craftsmen have won major awards, master's degrees, or recognition of great personalities and the public that holds one of their art works, but in all cases, these are great artists who work alone or with the help of a small team, grouped in family businesses, associations or cooperatives.


 Etnikarte Planet also helps preserve cultural traditions and sustainable development in some villages, revitalizes artistic values and helps artisans to make a living from their work, offering them a showcase to the world and the opportunity to show and sell their handicrafts through www.etnikarte. com and www.ohanamoda.com


 We have a close and permanent relationship with the artisans. Nowadays, technologies make communication easy.. And in the most remote places on Earth, the phone is still the most commonly used means of communication!


 We offer you the chance to take home this piece of pottery, that painting you could not buy during your trip, or the wood carving that surprises by its originality, produced in a country in which perhaps you have not yet been ... Materials like sisal, silk thread, tagua nut, stingray skin, werregue, camel wool and yak bone, transport us to distant lands.


 In all cases, it is something made by hand, so maybe by receiving a sculpture, a piece of straw, an object of leather, a shawl or wool stole, you will be able to perceive imperfections or admire the thoroughness of a perfect job but it is always unique. Each piece is unique, however much it may look like another one!


 In order to eliminate any doubt about the authenticity of our jewelry, each and every one has been controlled by the official hallmarking laboratory in Madrid, where each piece is marked with the corresponding  "fitness purity mark" (weight ratio of gold or silver) and our punch (the turtle symbol of Etnikarte) to comply with the Law 17/1985 of 1 July. If it is not possible to punch the piece, it is accompanied by a small label with the serial number of that laboratory.


 We have worked to make a pleasant online store, with a simple purchasing process and in case you decide to return the purchased item, the procedure is easy and fast, but as everything can be improved and we are interested in your opinions, you we invite you to make your suggestions for building a more comfortable, efficient and attractive environment for all.


 All displayed items are in our warehouse in Spain, so we can offer very short delivery in our country, a short one  in Europe and a very reasonable one for the rest of the world.


 To all those who enjoy the unexplored, adventure of discovering people from remote countries or objects never seen before, to appreciate previously unknown jobs, we offer a trip to explore the diversity of our planet earth which produces the multiple materials needed to breathe life to inspiration, accompanied sometimes by traditional and ancient techniques.