At Ohana Moda we are lovers of what is handmade, that´s why our products are made by artisans, small workshops, cooperatives and indigenous communities from countries on five continents.

We select the most differentiated and original items to offer them to people who appreciate artisanal, exclusive and different from what can usually be found in shops.

We distinguish ourselves by contacting creators in their countries of origin, and without further intermediaries we market their works by offering biographical information about the author, data on the materials and techniques used.

We want to be a benchmark in the handmade market, and thereby contribute to preserving traditions and manual elaboration techniques. We make our selection of fashion items and accessories available to anyone who appreciates craftsmanship, which meets the criteria of exclusivity and authenticity.

Our values:

-We contribute to preserving cultural traditions and ancestral techniques and we also support artists who create innovating in the artisan world, making their creations known and offering them a marketing channel open to the entire planet.

-We put in value what is elaborated manually, highlighting the uniqueness of the creations that we select.

-We believe in the most humane commercialization where the author takes on the relevance that corresponds to him, also providing interesting data about the creation and production process.

-We buy directly from artisans without further intermediaries.

-We make sure that working conditions are fair and we contribute to improving the lives of the people who create our selection of items.

-We offer our commitment to customer service by guaranteeing the quality of our products and their authenticity.